The School

Inspired by the experiences  into the Legacy of giving education, we proudly stand as the ‘Jajoo International School’ in Yavatmal to adopt the Integrated Curriculum with International Amenities which promotes independent and creative thought among the future generations.
As we say, “Harness Your Passion”, Passion which is indispensable for learning and teaching, facilitates learning through desire and creates enthusiasm. Students here will be empowered to build their confidence, spirituality, leadership skills and sense of self. ‘Who we are’ teaching is as important as teaching ‘what we are’. Whether innovating in our STEAM labs, debating in class, dancing on the stage, winning or loosing on the playgrounds, or learning a new world language, they are encouraged to sharpen their critical thinking skills, collaborate with others, and celebrate our integrated curriculum with ensured holistic development.


We aspire to empower the young minds in making a difference in the world. Therefore we select the academic elements with extreme care as they include the development of the physical, mental and moral platforms. The concepts are organised and imparted in a manner which facilitate multicultural awareness and creative expression.  Our personalised Physical Education programme fosters to crave a fit and healthy body and allows students to follow their passion and excel it. At the heart of our school lies the practices of Mind and Heart. Virtues such as integrity, compassion and empathy are woven into the entire fabric of the Jajoo International School.


Jajoo International school intends to impart academic excellence as well as ensure holistic development so that every pupil passing through its portal faces the rapidly evolving future with intellectual competence and sound character. Facilitated by passionate educators, our endeavour is to help pupils in the transformation of mind , body, spirit and emerge as productive global citizens.


We believe in supporting parent’s involvement in their children’s education through providing “Learning Platforms” with integration of Academics physical, mental and creative growth.

We believe the child-parent should be together till the child’s accomplishes their Higher Secondary Education as per the new age parenting says.

We believe sending children to boarding schools outstations should not be for everyone, as it doesn’t justify child’s home-sickness.

We believe in that children should not feel detached with their family life, hence Day-Boarding School in your town proves to be beneficial.

We believe at the same time the children of new age should be independent, self-reliant, confident and disciplined which is possible only if the child spends maximum hours in school.

We believe children spending maximum hours under one roof for all-round development they will surely have simple but standardize living and will become a better social being and will have friends for life.

We believe that education cannot be effective unless it helps a child open up himself to outside life.

We believe at the same time holistic development is essential for child which is possible with their dedicated hours for learning.

We believe to improve physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and social abilities in a child so that he/she is capable of facing the demands and challenges of everyday life.