JIS is a proposed CBSE day-boarding school offering courses from Class I to Class X. The School encompasses with Excellent Comprehensive Curriculum for the subjects like English, Mathematics, EVS, Science and Social Science.

With extensive research, We at Jajoo International School (JIS), Yavatmal in association with LEAD School have brought a paradigm-shift in the learning methodology for the students of Yavatmal. These methodologies are first-of-its-kind, Interactive and Innovative learning technique which assures the guaranteed and excellent result for every child.

JIS powered by LEAD School follows the National Education Policy (NEP) guidelines and the syllabus imparted by CBSE board with a mix of World Class Curriculum.

Innovative learning technique for the following subjects :-


  • ELGA Programme (English Language and General Awareness)

The obvious question which now will arise in your mind is Why ELGA for teaching English as it is a subject??

We, at JIS do not teach English as a subject but as a Skill, because if students improve in English, they become better in other subjects too.

In collaboration with LEAD School, we have come up with an exclusive English Language and General Awareness (ELGA) Programme where students are taught based on their current English skill levels and undergoes an accelerated learning path designed to achieve their class level. In just one year, students grow by 1.5 years in their English skill, which is a 150 % growth.

  • ELGA the only available programme inspired from Singapore Education System and is based on NCERT. Students are taught using phonics, whole word, reading and listening comprehension, grammar, writing and speaking expression.
  • ELGA integrates values and general awareness in its content, so that students not only build their English skills, but also become more aware and humane.
  • The programme ensures that there are various avenues through which students get to practise English daily and become a independent readers, writers and speakers of English.

Science and EVS

  • Learning-by-doing approach (LBD).


  • Concrete-pictorial-abstract approach(CPA).
  • It helps students to understand mathematics not only as a subject but also to relate the same with their lives.

Social Science

  • Visualize-locate-connect approach (VLC).

Coding and Computational skills (CCS)

  • CCS enables students to use computers and latest technologies easily, think effectively and solve problems, develop apps, games and websites.
  • These approaches make learning process extremely easy, fun-loving, with profound and crystal clear subject knowledge and long lasting understanding of the concepts.

Foundation pillars

The four major foundation pillars of the LEAD technique of learning are :-

1. Teacher Tab helps the teacher to monitor the student’s attendance, the lesson plans, the audio – visual activity reflected on the Smart TVs, resources, assessments, reports and much more.

2. Books and Workbooks are designed for effective learning and understanding of students. 

3. School ERP helps to monitor students and teacher progress and last but not the least.

4. Parent App will give the overall information of the student’s progress to the parent in a single go. It delivers the information on the student’s attendance, topic taught on the daily basis, assignments, etc.


Co-curricular activities are an integral component of the educational experience, offering students the opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the classroom for this JIS offers Performing Arts and Visual Arts as a Co-curriculars which includes:

Music (Indian) : Indian Classical Music is based on the ancient Vedic tradition and is characterized by its use of ragas and taals and JIS provides this tradition with the Instrumental and Vocal.

Music (Western):

It is based on the European classical tradition and is characterized by its use of harmony and melody and  JIS foster this art modes along with the scales and keys.

Art and Craft : Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. Making crafts, helps children to create unique and original figures, which enhances the development of their creativity and imagination. Creativity teaches them to express their emotions and show the real world as they perceive it.

Sculpture :

Helps to students to turn a block of clay into a masterpiece and with this zeal JIS helps the students to carve or shape their talent into a masterpiece.

Skill Based Education

Leadership cafes as Life skills ensures the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the student. Skill education prepares learners for jobs based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non–academic and related to a specific trade, occupation, or vocation. The board has taken charge of empowering school students with essential life and employability skills. JIS offers skill based education based on the grades and to enhance their skills in their area of interests.

  • Abacus and Handwriting (Grade I to V)
  • Mechatronics and Vedic Maths (Grade VI to IX)


Extracurricular activities help students show off their interests and personalities. These activities also demonstrate their ability to contribute, stick to their commitments, and manage their time and priorities. JIS offers these activities as Physical education and Yoga in order to enhance self-awareness, self-management, and self-efficacy, helping students to build essential life skills and draw connections to their everyday life.