In a class with mix of learners, only 33% students can understand the textbook or lecture based learning. What about the 67% of students which contributes the major chunk ?? From this, we could understand that the available textbooks which are in the printed form do not include any activity-based learning which could help make the subject more easy or understandable. Ironically, subject understanding is the basic need of the time and a utmost requirement of today’s learner.

With extensive research, We at Jajoo International School (JIS), Yavatmal in association with LEAD School have brought a paradigm-shift in the learning methodology for the students of Yavatmal. These methodologies are first-of-its-kind, Interactive and Innovative learning technique which assures the guaranteed and excellent result for every child.

JIS is a proposed CBSE day-boarding school offering courses from Class I to Class VII. The School emcompasses with Excellent Comprehensive Curriculum for the subjects like English, Mathematics, EVS, Science and Social Science. These subjects are taught using innovative learning technique like Learning-by-doing approach (LBD) for Science and EVS, Concrete-pictorial-abstract approach (CPA) for Mathematics, Visualize-locate-connect approach (VLC) for Social science, etc. These approaches make learning process extremely easy, fun-loving, with profound and crystal clear subject knowledge and long lasting understanding of the concepts.

Plus the School provides Performing Arts and Visual Arts as a Co-curriculars; Physical education and Yoga as Extra-curriculars; Beginning of year (BOY), Middle year and End year assessment; and Students-led movements and conferences, Leadership cafes as Life skills ensures the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the student.

On the technological front, the learning techniques are blended with the classes which are equipped with Smart TVs, tablets and apps to monitor performance of the child on a regular basis. IN short, Our school is future – ready to overcome any emergency situation which cannot anymore hamper the quality education with LEAD’s Integrated platform.

Thus, a perfect combination of technique with technology will led to the robust understanding and all round development of student. And the results obtained are surely fantastic !!! The end result will rather be experienced by the parents as the student appears more active, creative and practical in all terms.

The obvious question which now will arise in your mind is how all this will work ??

JIS powered by LEAD School follows the National Education Policy (NEP) guidelines and the syllabus imparted by CBSE board with a mix of World Class Curriculum.

The four major foundation pillars of the this technique of learning are: –

1. Teacher Tab helps the teacher to monitor the student’s attendance, the lesson plans, the audio – visual activity reflected on the Smart TVs, resources, assessments, reports and much more.

2. Books and Workbooks are designed for effective learning and understanding of students. 

3. School ERP helps to monitor students and teacher progress and last but not the least

4. Parent App will give the overall information of the student’s progress to the parent in a single go. It delivers the information on the student’s attendance, topic taught on the daily basis, assignments, etc.

Lead School is the only player to provide guaranteed learning outcomes across diffferent boards, classes and subjects. The Integrated System takes care of all the four stakeholders.

English Language and General Awareness (ELGA) Programme: – 

English is the basic language which imparts information for all the subjects. We, at JIS do not teach English as a subject but as a Skill, because if students improve in english, they become better in other subject too.

In collaboration with LEAD School, we have come up with an exclusive English Language and General Awareness (ELGA) Programme where students are taught based on their current english skill levels and undergo an accelerated learning path designed to achieve their class level. In just one year, students grow by 1.5 years in their english skill, which is a 150 % growth.

It is the only available programme  inspired from Singapore Education System and is based on NCERT. Students are taught using phonics, whole word, reading and listening comprehension, grammar, writing and speaking expression. 

ELGA integrates values and general awareness in its content, so that students not only build their English skills, but also become more aware and humane. ELGA creates a learning pathway to English competence and in the process helps children succeed in school. The programme ensures that there are various avenues through which students get to practise English daily and become a independent readers, writers and speakers of English.

The legacy of the innovative approaches have been also extended to the subjects like Mathematics, Social Sciences, EVS, etc.

For understanding subjects like Science and EVS, the Learning-by-doing approach has been opted which develops strong foundation and enable knowledge application in outside world.

Every child has a phobia towards Mathematics and even after studying the various concepts of Mathematics for years together, very few understand its application and proper usage at right age and right place. The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach has been adopted which helps students to understand mathematics not only as a subject and but also to relate the same with their lives.

Many advanced countries have incorporated Coding as a part of their core curriculum. Also, NEP 2020 clearly recommends Coding and Computational thinking including in the schools. Our curriculum is well adorned with Coding and Computational skills which enables students to use computers and latest technologies easily, think effectively and solve problems, develop apps, games and websites. This course make students future ready and creative problem solvers.