School Rules & Regulations

Attendance: –

1. All academic activities are necessary components of the curriculum. The attendance and participation of each student will be reviewed by the teaching faculty from time to time.

2. Every student is required to attend school regularly. The student having an attendance below 80% will not be permitted to appear for the examination.

Examinations: –

3. Re-exams will not be conducted.

4. In case of medical concern, medical certificate is expected and to be submitted immediately to the Exam controller. After verification the final decision will be of the Exam controller.


5. The School maintains strict discipline and expects rules to be followed by every student in the School campus and outside. Students must obey the instructions of the School Head. Students found violating the rules of the School administration or behaving in an undisciplined manner will have their names removed from the School rolls. It will be presumed on admission that the concerned student and the parents/ guardians have read and agreed with these rules.

6. Every student is expected to maintain a high standard of behaviour and manner of speech.

7. Intake of any unhygienic product or similar products in the premises are prohibited. Any student seen with these things will be liable for penal action.

8. No gadgets are allowed in the premises without permission of School Administrator.

9. A student appeared in any dress or with a hairstyle, which is considered not to be in harmony with the environment, is restricted to enter the premises. A stamp will be given in the diary of the student for being in improper attire. After receiving 3 stamps the student will be not be allowed to enter until and unless such student changes his / her attire.

10. Students should make careful use of Bus, school premises, ground, cafeteria, school books, classroom furniture, fans, laboratory equipment, all sports amenities and the School property. The cost of any damage done to school property would be recoverable from the students either individually or collectively as the case may be.

Bus Transport: –

11. If you wish to avail the school transport, please collect the Bus application form and enquire about the routes in operation at the time of admission. Request for diversion or modification of the existing routes may be considered but the decision will be taken by Transport in-charge.

Fees and Facilities: –

12. Every student will get his/ her RFID CARD from the School after submitting one thumb size photograph. It is essential for every School student to bear the RFID CARD with them while in the School premises so that he/ she is able to produce it on being asked so.

13. The RFID CARD will give access to enter the school, library and sports amenities. No student is allowed to enter the school campus without the RFID CARD. The loss of the RFID CARD must be reported immediately to the office clerk. He/ She will get the new RFID CARD after paying the fine of Rs. 500/ – and submission of one thumb size photograph.

Fees Payment and Withdrawal: –

14. The admission fee once paid along with the fees and other charges will not be refunded in any case.

15. If a child has to be withdrawn from school before September, parents are requested to give one calendar months’ notice in writing, failing which, one month’s fee will be charged in lieu therefore. Exceptions may be made in case of a sudden transfer of Government or Military Personnel.

16. Those who leave the school after the month of September must in all cases have to pay the full fees for the year.

Admission Cancellation: –

17. Leaving / Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all sorts of clearance.

18. Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds: –

a. Disciplinary

b. Unsatisfactory progress in work.

19. Students should read the notice board regularly. The School will not be responsible for loss of communication to the students due to any negligence on the part of the student.