A Well Enhanced School Library:

The Library at JIS is the hub of all activities planned and executed in the school. It provides information, inculcates ideas and develops knowledge which is utmost essential to function successfully in today’s information and knowledge era.

  1. Encompasses judiciously selected books from diversified fields to cater all the demands of students and teachers. 
  2. Digital/multi – media library to watch and listen educative, interactive programme that complement their classroom learning process.
  3. Presentation area, quiet zone and ideas hub for developing creative thinking and imagination. 
  4. Equipped with board games, floor cushions, brightly decorated walls, reading corners.
  5. It is a venue for book clubs, creative writing workshops and visiting author talks.
  6. Reflects and supports the social and cultural profile of the school community.
  7. Enrich student reading experiences and develop independent reading skills.