Student Led Conference (SLC)

What is SLC: –

  1. Student Led Conference (SLC) is a competition where students become teacher for one day and explain a concept or give demonstration on a topic of choice. This competition is City Level and any grade level topic of your choice can be selected.

How do student present a topic during SLC: –

  1. SLCs encourage students to think beyond regular textbooks.
  2. Students should choose a topic of their choice and present it in a creative way that they prefer.
  3. We don’t have any restrictions on topic choice. However, the class/ subject teacher can always assist the student in choosing a relevant topic.
  4. Some typical ways in which student can present during SLC is project work, poster presentation, written work, teach a concept, perform an activity.

Event Details: –

  1. Date of the competition: – Feb. 25, 2023
  2. Time: – 09:00 AM onwards
  3. Venue: – Jajoo International School, Nagpur – Dhamangaon Bypass Road, Yavatmal – 445001
  4. Contact Details: – +91 90111 39224

Rules and Regulation of SLC:-

  1. It is a City Level SLC on Science which will be conducted offline.
  2. Students are categorized into 05 groups namely
    1. Group A – for Grade I and II students
    2. Group B – for Grade III to V students
    3. Group C – for Grade VI to VIII students
    4. Group D – for Grade IX and X students
  3. SLC will happen in two rounds viz. Round no. 01 and Round no. 02.
  4. Students will present their topic in Round no. 01 where they will be given 02 min of time to present it.
  5. The shortlisted students from Round no. 01 will move to Round no. 02 where the students will be given 03 min to present their topic.
  6. One best from each group will be selected after Round no. 02.

Benefits of SLC: –

  1. While participating in SLCs, students will be motivated to learn a concept better in order to explain it better.
  2. It’s hard to feel at ease in front of an audience. That’s why SLCs help boost the confidence of students and uplift their communication and presentation skills by challenging them.
  3. Parents can witness their child’s skills, live in action, and participate actively in their learning.

Registration process: –

  1. Participants have to fill in the Google form attached for the registration and make the required payment for the same.