Transcending through Talent, Teamwork and Grit

From practice to game day, our athletes will be coached to compete with character. JIS offers a multitude of opportunities for students to achieve a balanced approach to learning, both inside and outside the classroom. Sports are a positive aid to educational development and are imperative for the formation of a sense of self-worth in an individual. Sports also play a key role in building gamesmanship and team spirit. Every student is an ambassador of the true spirit – on and off the field. Students will get an opportunity to experiment with a variety of sports that they wish to pursue, both to excel in or as a hobby.

Training with the Best

In order to provide the most effective training to our learners, we have designed an overall fitness program, which lays a foundation in fitness and sports amongst children which will help them not only during childhood but throughout their life.

  1. The overall fitness program has been carefully articulated among primary school, and high school(secondary) levels, to enhance student learning and progress with a minimum of content overlap.
  2. Program delivery by trained and certified trainers.
  3. Interactive and activity based lessons. Many physical activity sessions are accompanied with music to make the Physical Education class more lively and enjoyable.
  4. Customized lesson plans for each session, ensures correct tracking of the program objectives.
  5. International certification for each student.
  6. Improvements in each child to be tracked using a Physical Fitness report card.
  7. Wellness Weeks to promote whole-school physical activity, nutrition, and wellness.

Outdoor Sports:

Engaging in outdoor sports builds the right foundation for children so that they become more productive and well-rounded adults in the future. These activities help children improve their physical, emotional, social, and mental health. Thus, it is essential to give children the opportunity to explore the outdoors, play with other kids, and expose them to real-life situations. We, at JIS, offer the outdoor activities like Basketball, Lawn tennis, Skating, Cricket, Football, Mallakhamb, Volleyball, etc.

Indoor Sports:

Indoor spaces are far smaller than outdoor fields. This requires games to be conducted in smaller space, which in turn prompts for better cognitive reflex than outdoor sports. Indoor Sports provide greater agility with climate control, more networking, faster coordination, tests mental strength, precision over physical strength, analytical thinking and reflex, and it is equally exciting. Our indoor sports are Yoga, Archery, Swimming, Martial Arts, Chess, etc.